Overall Concept

The SWS-HEATING project concept is to develop an innovative Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage (STES) unit with a novel sorbent storage material embedded in a compact multimodular sorption STES unit. This will allow to store and shift the harvested solar energy available abundantly during the summer to the less sunny and colder winter period thus covering a large fraction of heating and domestic hot water demand in buildings. 


The solar compact Selective-Water-Sorbent (SWS) Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage (STES) concept relies on applying an innovative class of water sorbing material embedded in an intelligent configuration with an advanced control system. Solar heat will be used to provide domestic hot water (DHW) up to 60 °C, while the remainder will be used mainly to charge the seasonal storage unit during summer, allowing to store the heat for several months, bridging the summer-winter period. This way a maximised use of solar input heat throughout the year is ensured.

During winter, the stored heat will preferentially be used for space heating, and a backup heater will operate only when all stored heat has been fully discharged to cover the heat demand .


Including also heat storage for DHW, recovering heat produced during the charging cycle and making use of even the lowest grade heat amounts (within 5 –30 °C), the system will allow to reach solar fraction currently not achievable at reasonable price and small space demands (e.g. with solar collectors and water-based TES)